01/31/2010 14:31:40 true true false 15 07 false 1.1 false false false default_0.swf 12 Slide1 Seminar 4 1 Seminar 4 CJ350 Organized Crime Scott Harris 720 540 false false 14 slide1.swf Slide2 Welcome! 1 Welcome! 720 540 false false 14 slide2.swf Slide3 Questions 4 Questions Questions on Unit #3 Questions on Unit #4 Questions on Project #1 Anything someone did not understand not about specific points. Immediate questions on upcoming midterm requirements. We will discuss specifics later 720 540 false false 50 slide3.swf Slide4 Types of Gangs 1 Types of Gangs How many types of gangs were defined by Jerome Skolnick? List the types Give a brief definition of one Give a brief definition of the other. 720 540 false false 14 slide4.swf Slide5 Cultural Gangs If we were to come up with our own defintion 1 Cultural Gangs Cultural Gangs Cultural gangs are strongly grounded in a neighborhood identity, and members may be involved in crime, including drug trafficking Can anyone give an example of a cultural gang 720 540 false false 14 slide5.swf Slide6 Entrepreneurial 1 Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurial gangs Organized for the express purpose of distributing drugs 720 540 false false 14 slide6.swf Slide7 Gangster Disciple 1 Gangster Disciple Use the Bureaucratic model This also makes them easier to prosecute since they leave a paper trail (communication, structure, business transactions, etc.) Are the result of the merger of two separate gangs Supreme Gangsters – Larry Hoover Black Disciples – David Barksdale “King David” 720 540 false false 14 slide7.swf Slide8 Disciples 1 Disciples Minutely involved in local politics and community activity – 21st Century http://www.ngcrc.com/ngcrc/page13.htm Mainly involved in dealing drugs (cocaine and heroin) in Chicago, Quad Cities, and in several states including Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Georgia. 720 540 false false 14 slide8.swf Slide9 Disciples 1 Disciples Not sure how many members they have In 2006 it was estimated at 18,000 in Illinois alone http://www.house.gov/list/press/il10_kirk/gangs.html We do know they have splintered They are everywhere including the military http://www.militarytimes.com/static/projects/pages/ngic_gangs.pdf 720 540 false false 14 slide9.swf Slide10 Other Black Gangs 1 Other Black Gangs Bloods & Crips Mainly in the western part of the Country (Los Angeles, Ca.) El Rukins/Black P-Stone Nation Chicago Based Jeff Fort, founder, currently in prison 720 540 false false 14 slide10.swf Slide11 Upcoming Midterm 1 Upcoming Midterm Two questions John Gotti received more publicity than any previous crime figure. Discuss the theories developed by Sutherland, Merton, and others and compare and contrast them regarding which would appropriately describe Gotti's criminal development. Jerome Skolnick and his colleagues have distinguished between two gang types. Discuss these types of gangs. What type are the Gangster Disciples? Explain. 720 540 false false 14 slide11.swf Slide12 Questions 1 Questions Questions over the seminar Questions over anything 720 540 false false 14 slide12.swf